Thursday May 25, 2017, @ 8PM
509 Atlantic Avenue (at 3rd Ave), Brooklyn NY


SPACE: Roscoe Mitchell,

Thomas Buckner, & Scott Robinson


Reggie Nicholson Percussion Concept


The seminal improvising trio SPACE was originally formed in 1979 by Roscoe Mitchell, Thomas Buckner and Gerald Oshita, featuring works by both Oshita and Mitchell, as well as group improvisation. This will be the first performance of the group since the passing of Gerald Oshita, with multi-instrumentalist Scott Robinson as the new third member. A member of the AACM since 1979, drummer/percussionist Reggie Nicholson is known throughout the world for his profound abilities. Nicholson presents new music for his group Percussion Concept, with Bryan Carrott, Baba Don Eaton, and Patience Higgins.


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